Ceramic column «Ionian»

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The use of columns in the building began in prehistoric times. The earliest dating according to many historians determined 18-20 centuries BC. It is known that already 7000 years ago in the Egyptian kingdom to use those elements of the architecture in the palace building. The real boom in the use of the columns came in about 4500 years ago in the Greek city.

Architectural columns with Ionic order were not the first, but when they came, then won the love of the owners of mansions and castles. Outwardly, they evoke the impression of a massive and powerful post, but not without a certain elegance.

If you want to cut costs or have a different solution colonnade for your home, you can purchase from us, only capitals and bases, as well as the body of the column can be used asbestos pipes with surface-decorated.

Are you looking for architectural columns for your home? Beautiful, heavy-duty, giving, any home, the view of the mansion of the Roman nobility? Then we take the liberty to recommend you the high-quality ceramic column authoring studio Shynkaruk Gennady Petrovich.

All the architectural elements are made to order in a maximum allowable time. The price is determined in the process of dialogue and always takes the form of objective reasoning. Please call us at 8-918-443-1360 (Gennady) Krasnodar


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