Flower Pots for flowers outdoor rectangular "Tiles" Interior and streets, exclusive, block, custom

Flower Pots for flowers outdoor rectangular "Tiles"
Manufacturer Шинкарук Г.П. Production time 2 weeks
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The ceramic pots large handcrafted pottery from clay with the addition of refractory fireclay.

This ceramic pots can be used both in the interior, such as indoors, "Winter Garden" or outdoors in the garden, in the urban landscape, etc.

Height, cm 40
Width, cm 30
Length, cm 60
  Weight, kg 10
Start of production May 2015
  Material Terracotta
Number of firing Twice
Methods decoration Glazing, Engobing, Relief
  • Height, cm: 40
  • Width, cm: 30
  • Length, cm: 60
  • Weight, kg: 10
  • Start of production: May 2015
  • Material: Terracotta
  • Number of firing: Twice
  • Methods decoration: Glazing, Engobing, Relief

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